Product Solutions


The brains behind the Savant System

Pro Host

Savant SVR-5000S is a Host Controller, a key building block within a Savant System, that is available with a solid state drive. It provides numerous functions including: high level automation and control, user interface interpretations system administration and monitoring. 

  • Open amount of rooms
  • Savant Pro App, TrueControl II and TrueConference
  • SamrtView Tiling with TrueControl II
  • OSD with SUR-0500 and TC II
  • Energy Monitoring
  • Security, HVAC and IP cameras supported
  • Intercom with Intercom Server and TC II
  • Lighting, Shades supported

Smart Host

The Savant Smart Host is the ideal foundation for most homes, with a variety of built-in control ports and an embedded stream of Savant Music the provides easy access to popular streaming services

  • Configurable as a Basic System for up to 12 rooms of auto and video, with an additional 6 rooms of audio only
  • Built-in control ports as well as built-in single stream media server - support of all major streaming services
  • Enable 3rd party A/V switching with a Premium license
  • Enhanced performance
  • Support for up to 8 IP cameras
  • Compact form factor for easier installations
  • Pairs with Savant Pro App to provide system administration and monitoring

User Interfaces

See how you can interact with Savant

Pro Remote

The ultimate entertainment experience that allows you to direct your home from the comfort of your favourite armchair. The remote is configurable through Savants configuration software, Blueprint which customizes to individual needs. Easily switch between Sonos, Foxtel, BluRay also by natural language voice commands which include ESPN and Apple TV.

The remote features a high resolution touchscreen and its sleek design means it blends into the decor of any room. Advanced features such as user profiles give each family member a unique experience, control integrated advanced lighting systems and Climate and capture and activate scenes directly from the remote. Advanced Bluetooth connection ensures extended battery life when left off the charging cradle.

Savant Touch

Savant Touch delivers dedicated and elegant control with stunning, high-resolution graphics. Savant Touch screens are perfect for high traffic areas where quick control is a must.

  • Lighting - Change the room lighting with a tap, or control individual lights
  • Scenes - Directly access or capture your favorite Scene
  • Whole Home Control - View an individual room, or control your whole home
  • Climate - Set the temperature just right and quickly adjust the climate schedule
  • Music - Queue up your favorite playlist or streaming service and fill your home with music
  • Cameras - View security cameras to see what’s going on before opening the door
Pro 9 Application

Pro 9 Application

The Savant Pro 9 App enables all the features of your Savant Home, with fast access to Rooms, Scenes, Services and much more. View your whole home at a glance and use quick-access controls to make everything just the way you like it.

Get the best of audio and automation when you stream your favorite playlists to any room through the Savant App.

Give each family member fast access to their favorite scenes and settings—and offer limited privileges to guests or babysitters. As life unfolds, Savant makes it easy to adjust your settings and move devices from room to room to fit your needs.

The Savant App is available for free and includes a demo you can watch on your iOS or Android device without needing an account.

Download the Savant Pro 9 now off the Apple Store or Google Play store.